The Hotel Colonial San Agustin is considered a World Site Heritage by Unesco. In 1934 the Espinosa family acquired the property located on Flores N5-28 across from the Convent of St. Augustine. Since then, The House served as a Home Guest of important figures of the time and international visitors.

The house initially belonged to the Colonel Eleodoro Saenz Ribadeneira who inherited the property from his great Aunt, the famous Manuela Saenz, Ecuadorian noblewoman who was the confidante and lover of Simon Bolivar "El Libertador" (President of the Grand Colombia 1819-1830.) 

In 1979, Rosa Espinosa the youngest daughter of Dr. Espinosa and her husband Ing. Guillermo Guerra inherited the house and named it after the Church of St. Augustine, one of the seven monumental churches in historic downtown Quito.